Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SB Nation

There are a lot of other blogs regarding sports that are very good places to look for information. My site is specific to Division I sports and being an athlete. Sports Blog Nation is a site made by fans for fans and allows you to browse through 213 different sports blogs.
The site I specifically analyzed is called Big 12 Hardball. The creator of the site does a really good job of keeping its fans updated on what is going on. Even though Big 12 baseball ended in June, there were posts and videos posted throughout the summer to keep the fans updated on what the athletes were doing, and how they were all playing in summer league.
The blog is really easy to navigate through, and provides detailed information. It talked about pre-season predictions, then followed the teams and players throughout the entire season, and ended by following the teams in the post season.
The blog highlights not only teams but also the standout players on each team and who is making a huge impact on the success or failures of each teams season.
The website provides a link to each school inside the Big 12 conference. On each of these pages there is a write up on an overall preview of the season, a depth chart so fans know what and who to be looking for, and statistics from previous seasons. It also leaves a lot of areas where readers can comment on what the writer is saying, and are given an opportunity to voice their opinions on the team as well.
There are numerous posts about schools and teams made by the fans in the FanPosts portion of the webpage. Fans keep the other fans updated about the polls and current situation and status of the league. There are a lot of posts by a lot of different people, which goes to show that this blog has a good following.
There isn't a lot of advertising on this blog. There is some across the top, and there are also links to CBS Sports and Brash Publishers who I would guess are the site sponsors. Overall, very little advertising and promotions.

There are a lot of places to find out information about sports, and SB nation is a great place to start.

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