Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Tailgating is an important part of collegiate athletics. Sweeping over the country, tailgating has now become almost as popular as the actual competition being held. The most popular time to tailgate is during football season. Many companies are following this new trend and creating the products that the tailgate fanatics want. Budweiser recently started their "tailgate approved" campaign.

At this website, you can purchase Bud Light cans in your schools colors, you can purchase a giant foam finger that can also hold a beer, and you can purchase the Grooler. A combination of a grill, and a cooler.

To successfully tailgate, you also have to be decked out in the college or university of your choices fan gear.

This website offers t-shirts, jerseys, hats, blankets, and anything else you might need to successfully tailgate. You can never have too much school spirit.

The most important part of tailgating is the food. Good or bad food will make or break a tailgate. Tyson has started the "anytizers" line of food. This is all pre-prepared food that just needs to be heated up. Buffalo wings, chicken strips, anything you could want. They are quick, and they are easy.

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