Saturday, October 24, 2009

Division I Athletics

There are a lot of different factors that go into sports. If you like what you are reading in these blogs, there are more detailed and specific articles that you can read on These articles go into more detail about a variety of topics.

There are articles on how to get recruited by a D-1 school, how to tailgate, how to pick a college, how to fix your baseball or softball swing, how to prepare yourself for collegiate athletics, the drug testing policies, a list of recommended products, and an about me page.

The how to tailgate article gives a long list of products that would help if you are a beginning tailgater.

The Division I website gives some great insight from a Division I athletes perspective. There are other sites and blogs that you can read that give information about athletics, but has the slight edge because it is written to give opinion and suggestion from an actual Division I athlete.

If you want more information, go check out You can learn a lot about every angle of athletics.

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