Monday, October 12, 2009

How to prepare for college: Part 1 Strength

There is a lot that can be done to prepare for college. There is a lot you can do for your body to prepare yourself for the extreme measures that you will push your body to. It is important that you begin the training before stepping foot on campus. It is even more important for males than females, and a lot of male athletes even opt to redshirt their freshman year to focus the entire year on getting stronger.

For any athlete. It is important to begin the training early. A routine training program is a solid start. It is important to lift all muscles and to strengthen the entire body. Lifting legs, doing things like squats, lunges and leg press twice, while alternating on the other days with upper body lifts like bench press, hammer row, and curls. You do not want to focus every one of your lifts on on area of the body. A lot of males tend to like lifting only the upper body, but it is very important to strengthen all areas.

In most major cities there are places that offer these types of training programs. There are people who can be there to train you and help you with your strengthening process.

It is also important that you go to the proper training facility. There are a lot of people out there that think they know how to train athletes and the proper way to train. It is important that you choose a facility that is credited for being successful and for producing successful athletes. They need to be people who have studied this area, and people who specialize in strength. It is important that these people know how the body works, and how to react if something isn't working properly.

It is important that you treat your body properly in all situations. If something doesn't feel right, and you feel like you have an injury, it is important that you tell your trainer so that you can work through it. Just because you have an injury doesn't mean that you can't still help the other parts of your body.

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