Friday, October 16, 2009


There are 17 Division I sports that take place outdoors. Though we would all like to hope that the weather will be perfect everyday of competition, we all know that this is always not the case. You have days where it is freezing, days where it is raining (possibly even snowing!), and days where it is sunny. Though with the weather channel you can somewhat predict what you are going to be playing in, you can never always be sure.
For those days where you are looking directly into the sun, I have found an excellent product for you. Start by going to this site:

At this site you are able to customize your own sunglasses, goggles, watches, and backpacks. The customized sunglasses are a product that every outdoor sport athlete should look in to. You can choose from 29 different models of Oakley sunglasses. After selecting the style of the sunglasses, you then choose frame color, lens shape, lens color, icon color, and ear sock color. You can basically design a pair of sunglasses that are you school colors. You can even get things engraved on the lens such as school mascot, name, or jersey number.
There are about 20 different types of lenses that you can put in your sunglasses. Depending on the sport you play, there are different lenses that are recommended for you. There are special lenses for golf and baseball/softball.
The sun can do a lot of damage to you eyes, and it can also do a lot of damage to the game you are playing. The sun can effect the outcomes of games, most specifically baseball and softball. When you are looking into the sun you can lose the ball, and not be capable of making the play.
These sunglasses are a great way to show your school spirit, and look good doing it.

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