Saturday, November 21, 2009

1970's football:

1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers:
The 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team completed their season at 13-0. The team averaged an impressive 39 points per game, and their defense was equally impressive. The Cornhuskers played Oklahoma on Thanksgiving Day in 1971, and defeated them 35-31 in what has been tabbed the "game of the century." Nebraska concluded their season in the Orange Bowl, where they defeated Alabama in impressive fashion 38-6.

Another notable Nebraska Cornhuskers football team was the 1995 squad. They finished the season 12-0, after playing a very tough schedule. The schedule saw them facing 4 other teams who were in the top ten. Their offense is said to be one of the best of all time, as they averaged over 50 points per game.

1972 USC Trojans:
Just one year after the Nebraska Cornhuskers celebrated an undefeated season, the USC Trojans marched in and accomplished the same feat, going 12-0. The Trojans were the first team to ever be name number one in all media and coaches ballots. The team averaged 43 points per game, and also dominated on defense allowing on average only 12 points per game. The Trojans ended their season with a convincing win in the Rose Bowl against Ohio State taking the game 42-17.

The 1970's was a great era for college football, and the game really saw a lot of advancements in the offensive and defensive sides of the game. 1976 saw the longest collegiate field goal to date, when Ove Johansson kicked a 69 yard field goal for Abilene Chrisitian. This was followed in 1977 with a 67 yard field goal being kicked on two separate occasions, once by Texas and once by Arkansas.

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