Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Greatest Teams in History: 1968 UCLA Bruins

UCLA head coach John Wooden has been recognized as one of the best coaches of all time. UCLA won 10 national championships under Wooden, and one of the best teams of all time is known to be the 1968-69 team. The Bruins started the season 25-0, and finished the year with only one loss. Though there have been teams to finish the season undefeated, the '68 Bruins had one loss against Houston. The Bruins went on to win the national championship in convincing fashion winning 101-69 and 78-55 in the semifinal and national championship games. The Bruins were paced by Lew Alcindor, who was noted as the best college basketball player at the time, averaging 26 points and 16 rebounds each game. Three other players averaged in double digits for points, and 5 of these players were drafted by the NBA after their careers with UCLA were finished.

To go undefeated during a college basketball season speaks a lot of your abilities and team comrodory. Collegiate basketball always has its ups and downs, and teams are faced with injuries and needing to replace star players. The Bruins completed an undefeated season even with their star, and NCAA great Lew Alcindor out with an injury. This also speaks wonder about what this team was really made of, because they were ablet to easily win games with their leading scorer on the bench.

Other teams have finished an NCAA season with an undefeated record, but the fact that the Bruins did it, and won 13 National Titles in 14 years, speaks about the greatness that was in their program, and also speaks highly of what head coach John Wooden brought to that university.

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