Monday, November 23, 2009

Football Wrapup:

With the college football season winding down, it is down to crunch time and some do or die situations for teams to earn the possibility to continue their season and get a bowl bid.

For college football week 13, the top 7 teams held their spots all with wins this past weekend. It looks something like this: 1. Florida 2. Alabama 3. Texas 4. TCU 5. Cincinnati 6. Boise State 7. Georgia Tech 8. Oregon 9. Pittsburgh 10. Ohio State.

The margin between Florida and Alabama is close, and the true number one will be determined when the teams will play each other for the SEC title on December 4th. If both teams remain undefeated until then, that game will be seen as the national semifinal contest. The number 1-6 teams all hold undefeated records, and these final games will determine the outcome of their seasons.

LSU dropped the most spots this week going from number 8 to number 15 after a disappointing loss to unranked Ole Miss 25-23 this past weekend. Iowa brought themselves up 2 spots from number 13 to number 11 after shutting out Minnesota.

Top ranked Florida will take on in-state rival Florida State this weekend, the the rivalry will be sure to fuel some addrenaline and we will be sure to see a good game there. Number 2 Alabama will take on unranked Clemson before the two teams meet of for the championship game. Number 3 Texas also has a challenge ahead of them this weekend as they also take on another in-state foe with Texas A&M.

The best in-state rivalry we should be looking for this weekend is the number 8 Oregon taking on number 16 Oregon State. It will be a battle for increases in rankings, and it will bring some interesting results.

With the season coming to an end, you will see teams, especially those who are senior dominated, pull some victories out of no where. You will see teams leaving it all on the field because now is the time where you have to give it everything you've got if you want your season to continue. This weekend will make it or break it for quite a few teams, and their preparation and determination will take them a long way.

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