Saturday, August 29, 2009

Recruiting Rules

There are some key terms in recruiting and with recruiting rules that are important for student-athletes and their parents and coaches to know.
  • Official Visit- any visit to the college campus paid for by the college. These visits are typically overnight stays, and the college pays for all food, lodging, and other expenses incurred.
  • Dead Period- this is a length of time where the college coach can not have any in-person contact with the people they are recruiting. This includes watching games and having athletes come visit campus. The coaches are allowed to write/call athletes during this time.
  • Prospective Student Athlete- students become "prospective" student athletes when they enter the 9th grade. This is the time that all the rules begin.
  • Verbal Commitment- this describes the student-athletes commitment to a college before he/she signs a national letter of intent. A verbal commitment can be made at any time in the high-school athletes career, and this commitment is not a binding contract for either the athlete or the coach.
  • National Letter of Intent- is a binding contract between the student athlete and the college that they have chosen. This is typically the last step in the recruiting process. After the student-athlete has signed the National Letter of Intent, they should no longer receive recruiting calls, and is ensured an academic scholarship for one academic year.
  • Signing Period- there are typically two signing periods for most college sports. The first is called the "early signing period," and this is usually in the fall. This includes most sports minus football. The second period is called the "regular signing period" and it occurs in the spring. For football, there is only a regular signing period, and it occurs in late January/early February.
There are a lot of rules that have to be followed when recruiting, and it is important that coaches and prospective student athletes follow these rules carefully.

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