Friday, August 28, 2009

Typical Day

A typical day for a college athlete is not anything like a typical day for a regular college student. There is a lot of extra things that have to be accomplished within the course of a day that a lot of people wouldn't even think about. This is what a typical day looks like in the offseason:

  • wake up before the sun, strength and conditioning times for offseason sports are in the mornings before class.
  • mornings and early afternoons are usually spent in class.
  • after class, time is put in at the athletic study building, 8 hours a week is required.
  • if you are injured, after study tables you will spend some quality time in the athletics training room doing rehab and therapy.
  • then its time for practice.
  • after practice, you head back to the training room to ice any part of your body that might be sore, this includes everyone on the team not just injured athletes.
  • later at night is when you have a chance to do homework, and finish your hours at the athletic study center.
  • along with all of this, there are days where you volunteer and do community service. A lot of universities like to be actively involved in their communities, and student athletes spend a lot of time interacting with their fans and supporters.
  • AND, you have to find time in this busy schedule to fit in 3 meals!
When in-season, the schedule actually calms down a little. You have more days off to rest your body for competition, you spend less time in the weight room, and you spend a lot of time on a bus.

Student-athletes put in some long days, and most of the time this doesn't even include out of class activities, group meetings, meetings with teachers, and when in-season a lot of makeup work. A lot of people don't understand what all goes into being a Division I athlete, and there is a lot more to the sport than showing up on the field or court and competing.

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